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Launched January 12, 2015 Kentucky’s New Frontier Good Journalism Andy Mead: Exploring the Licking River

Launched January 12, 2015

Northern Kentucky Tribune

A signature project of The Center, The Tribune gives Northern Kentucky its daily newspaper back. An online-only, comprehensive newspaper will focus on local issues, people, schools and business in ways that will build community and encourage civic engagement. Check out and the Northern Kentucky Tribune Facebook page. Sign up for e-newsletters. Does your community need its own newspaper?

Kentucky’s New Frontier

Greg Paeth: Expanding aerospace industry could move Kentucky’s economy in new direction

The aerospace industry – including the spacecraft research and production at the universities – are now the single largest export category for Kentucky. The Center’s Greg Paeth takes an in depth look an how this growing industry began and how it is changing the state’s economic landscape.

Good Journalism

In building this new model in Kentucky, the Center focuses on stories with moral imperatives inherent in the public interest at a time when investment in this kind of journalism is not finding purchase in for-profit newsrooms. The great work of journalism in the public interest is an integral part of self-government and, because it informs and engages citizens, a bulwark of our democracy. We are dedicated to solutions-oriented journalism, to the engagement of every citizen in public affairs, to the encouragement of respectful public dialogue – and to democracy.

Andy Mead: Exploring the Licking River

Veteran environmental reporter Andy Mead, working with a team of experts and students at Northern Kentucky University, spent eight months navigating studying and testing the Licking River. His stories provide and in-depth and up-close narrative of a quintessential Kentucky waterway with headwaters in Appalachia, a pass through Central Kentucky and into rural, fertile bottomland before a final wind through urban Northern Kentucky. There it joins the Ohio River and ultimately will be carried to the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Andy’s stories are possible thanks to a grant from the Ecological Stewardship Institute at Northern Kentucky University.

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Are you a proven journalist with an idea for an indepth project? Share it with us, and let's pursue funding opportunities.

Andy Mead: Exploring the Licking River

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Andy Mead: Exploring the Licking River

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Andy Mead: Exploring the Licking River

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Andy Mead: Exploring the Licking River

The Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism (The Center/KCPSJ) is a nonprofit (501-c-3), nonpartisan, independent news organization aimed at producing indepth, informative, explanatory journalism in the public interest – for a place for which we have deep caring and affection. Focusing on the integrity of Kentucky’s public institutions and the quality-of-life issues impacting the lives of Kentuckians, The Center will deal with issues including, but not limited to, the environment, economy, justice system, education, health, diversity, human rights, immigration and public safety and the impact of government policies on our lives. We will offer an opportunity for Kentucky’s diverse, rich voices to be heard. We will also work with citizens whose communities lack reliable sources of local and state news to help them fill that void.

A Licking River journey: 300 miles, from whimper to crescendo


Distinguished journalist David Hawpe, retired editor of The Courier-Journal in Louisville and lifelong Kentuckian, shared his thoughts on the major challenges facing his home state as he led a panel discussion at the recent Summit on Philanthropy held in Lexington. Many who have gathered here today have no doubt about what the major challenges facing […]

Kentucky has a fascinating heritage when it comes to public unity. Everyone knows the Commonwealth was home to both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Today, different debates occupy the minds of average Kentuckians, such as UK vs. Louisville, wet vs. dry counties and urban triangle vs. rural heartland.   Ask folks what’s needed to grow […]

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